No, please work on formulating the idea and apply for our “Validate” workshop after that.

No, it is mandatory that the applicant has to be a founder or co-founder. Moreover we encourage the entire group of founders, if there are more than 1 founder, to attend the workshops.

After attending Idea Pattarai workshop if your idea gets shortlisted, you will be eligible for 3 to 5, free 1:1 mentoring sessions. After the mentoring sessions, we will decide if your idea is a venture fundable idea or a bootstrap idea. If your idea, is venture fundable, we will refer you to “Mudhal VC”,  Idea Pattarai’s affiliate organization under the Dream Tamilnadu umbrella, for early stage funding. In addition to this, we will introduce you to other angel investors and VC firms in our network.

It is expected that founders or co-founders with an idea will be the basic criteria.


Relevant Workshop


Idea Stage



6 months to 2 years old



2 years +



One of the goals of Idea Pattarai is to bring “inclusiveness” to the startup ecosystem in Tamilnadu, esp Tier 2 and Tier 3 locations and women. Hence, we recommend you to apply for the Idea Pattarai event happening in cities close to your home location. However, we will approve people from other cities on special request.

No, Idea Pattarai will not help you with new ideas. Rather if you come up with an new idea from your existing business. Idea Pattarai will help in validating the idea.

Yes, Idea Pattarai team is more bullish about freshers with idea, having prior experience is not mandatory. Once you attend the validate program, our team will help you on the further process.

Yes, we do refer your idea to StartupTN if it is validated by Idea Pattarai. But evaluation and selecting your idea for the grant will be processed by the StartupTN team.

Idea Pattarai workshop is 6-8 hrs of activity which involves sessions such as learning, preparing pitch-deck and presentation. Executing these sessions online will not be fruitful, hence we don't offer these workshops in “remote / online” model.

Idea pattarai is targeted for Tier 2 and Tier 3 founders of Tamilnadu for “inclusive” growth. Hence, the medium of communication for the workshop will primarily be in Tamil, supported by English as required.  If the participant is good enough to understand spoken Tamil Language (Tamil writing skills not needed), then there is no restriction with the state of origin of the founder.

No, Idea Pattarai is a non profitable organization and we don't collect any fee for 1:1 mentoring. In Order to get 1:1 mentoring, that startup should have got picked up during the validate program.

We collect a nominal fee to assess the seriousness and commitment of the founders applying for the workshops. This will cover the basic expenses involved in hosting the workshop and excess if any is donated to Dream Tamilnadu non-profit organisation. 

1:1 with Suresh is part of the stages involved in the Idea Pattarai event. In order to get 1:1 mentoring, that startup should have got picked up during the workshop. Hence you have to attend one of our workshops first and then you will get the opportunity for 1:1 mentoring.

Few startups from workshops are picked for 1:1 mentoring. From the mentoring even fewer startups qualify for our “Accelerator Program”. Our accelerator program is 6 to 12 month program customized for the needs of each startup. It is not a cohort based program. It is customized program designed for the needs of each startup. Idea Pattarai charges equity for the “Accelerator Program” that will be decided along with the founders on case to case basis.

As a part of the Idea Pattarai program, we are going to launch the list of founders who are available for collaboration. From which you shall identify and associate a co-founder for your startup.

If you are part of the “Accelerator Program” you will be able to get support and guidance even after graduating from the program.

This program involves presentation and validation of idea in presence of other participants.We believe 95% of ideas are hard to implement so you should not worry about your idea being copied. If the founder feels insecure and falls under that 5% which is prone to be copied. We don't recommend them to attend the Idea Pattarai event. Please refer ot this video on “Why founders should not feel insecure about presenting their ideas openly”

Currently this program is being hosted by Mr. Suresh, but in future it may be hosted by other mentors too.

A laptop is essential as the program involves preparation of pitch deck and presentation. 

Yes, we give 100% refund of the program fee for the absentees. This will ensure that Idea Pattarai moto of non profit community.

Idea Pattarai focuses on helping founders with innovative product ideas in tech and non-tech segments.. Hence the following business are not relevant to attend our workshops

  • IT Services 
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Service oriented businesses